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Dental Precision Attachments: MRT

MRT is an extremely durable precision attachment.

Both parts are metal, the female part is a cylinder with a spring and screw. The spring system locks the attachment and the patient will feel an assuring "click" when fitting the dentures.

  • MRT is resistant to deformation. Unlike other precision attachments, the connecting surfaces are angled to prevent loosening up in time.
  • It is easy to fix and remove. It doesn't require any training for the patient. The conical attachment will help the patient find the correct mounting spot.
  • Unlike plastic attachments, MRT precision attachment wont cause any hygienic & bacterial problems.
  • No lengthy clinical and laboratory process like other attachments. Crown and pulpa sizes don't matter.
  • It is easy to fix and maintain, the screw and spring can be removed via minimal invasive work on the dentures for cleaning and maintenance.

The MRT attachment requires some experience. For maximum durability the angle of the attachments and the male parts must be perfectly parallel. We are offering free courses and certificates for technicians interested in working with MRT attachments.

td MRT

td MRT


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